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‘Against Mexico’ Documentary Explores Texas Secession Battle | PBS NewsHour.

Posted on Newshour May 2012 At first blush, a group reenactment of Texas’ 1836 battle to secede from Mexico has little to do with today’s political environment. But the notion of what it means to be an American is an issue that continues to stir up strong emotions, and resistance to a strong federal government can be seen in elections across the country.

Those emotions are underscored in a short documentary being highlighted by our partners at Latino Public Broadcasting. “Against Mexico: The Making of Heroes and Enemies” looks at the different ways in which Latinos and whites interpret the Texas Revolution, and the tensions between the two groups that continue to resonate 175 years later as Hispanic population growth accounted for 63.1 percent of all growth in Texas in the last decade.

“Against Mexico” delves into the Lone Star State’s complicated history.

To watch the film click here and to view the trailer click the image below.

Report from U.S.-Mexico border on the “Border Wall”

Video Report on Sahrawi refugees from Western Sahara produced for

Illegal-evolution of a word-Does illegal describe or define people? Should the press ‘drop the I word’ as some activists have demanded? ;In this segment for Independent Sources, I trace the evolution of the term ‘illegal’ to describe immigrants. Here’s a start: the term wasn’t born here and it wasn’t created to define immigration from the U.S.-Mexico border. And William Safire had some interesting things to say about what we call people.

Mexican Journalists-when the press become the targets. A conversation with two editors/newspaper owners

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