Summer of Love | Oxford American


Five days before the 2016 election I proposed to Eliza Borné, my editor at the Oxford American, that in 2016 we, as a nation, had experienced a long-delayed realization of the 1967 Summer of Love, a spiritual awakening made possible through the struggle for racial justice.

Whereas in the post 2016 election analysis, some insisted racial politics needed to be set aside to overcome the polarization that marked the election, I argued that people of color had responded to painful and difficult moments with an overwhelming expression of humanity that represented a resistance to the despair that has plagued this nation since its inception and now defines the political climate.

She signed off on the piece and five minutes later I hitched a ride to Standing Rock to report what would become the end to the piece: The Year of the Heavy Moon: Seeking joy in a time of despair. 

The reported essay appears in the magazine’s gorgeous 25th Anniversary issue, which was featured in The Washington Post’s Book World

I will update this post after the piece appears online but, I urge everyone to subscribe to the magazine or purchase the issue as it is packed with exceptional essays, reports, poetry and images. I am honored that my piece is included among them.

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