Hour of Darkness |Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

In the early part of last year I read Alfredo Corchado’s new memoir “Midnight in Mexico” and it soon became a topic of conversation while I traveled through Tijuana, in Texas and in New York City.  The book’s storyline is built on Corchado’s investigation into a very possible hit on his life. In a review and q/a with the author for the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma I explained why I found the book compelling and a necessary read:


By offering readers a deep look into his interior world, Corchado illuminates the complex forces at work in Mexico´s “descent into darkness.” He focuses squarely on the fallout from Mexico´s transition from an autocratic government to a fledgling democracy, which destabilized power structures among organized crime groups. He trades the gore that has dominated headlines about Mexico to concentrate on political machinations, corruption and manipulation, underpinning forces of a violence often reduced to the simplistic term, “drug war.”

The entire piece can found here.

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