Post 9/11 “terrorism” related trials/laws

Below is a sample of some of the trials that grew out of the Sept 11 2001 attacks on New York City. All reports were published in The Washington Post.

The case of Sheik Mohammed Ali Hassan Moayad drew particular attention after Attorney General John Ashcroft labeled him Osama Bin Laden’s “spiritual advisor.” It emerged during the trial their relationship had ended years before 2001. The case continued to attract attention after the FBI informant in the case set himself on fire outside of the White House.

Yemeni Cleric’s Conspiracy Trial Begins
FBI Witness Testifies in Trial of Yemeni Cleric
Yemeni Cleric Called Dangerous
Yemeni Cleric, Aide Convicted 

Translator_LynneStewart_conviction Mohammed Yousry was convicted along with New York attorney Lynne Stewart on charges of providing material support for terrorism. Yousery had served as Stewart’s translator  in her dealings with Sheik Abdel Rahman, known as the “blind sheikh” who was convicted in a conspiracy to blow up the United Nations and two New York City tunnels. From our lengthy review of the court documents and transcripts in the  Yousry case we concluded, ‘prosecutors advanced no evidence to back up certain claims, including the assertion that Yousry was in touch with Middle Eastern terrorists.’

Humble Roots of N.J. Native_Saudi Arabia In  June 2004 a U.S. contractor working in Saudi Arabia was kidnapped by extremists linked to Al Qaeda. He was soon beheaded. I reported from his hometown in New Jersey.

NY state prosecutes alleged gang members under post 9/11 law  Edgar Morales, aka “Puebla,” has the distinction of becoming one of the first people ever charged under New York’s state terrorism laws.

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