The Journey-told through video

The much anticipated South Texas visit came upon us and I set out for the Rio Grande Valley. Driving those South Texas roads is nothing short of a spiritual journey for me, every time. Cross the Nueces River, the contested borderline that triggered the U.S. invasion of Mexico in the war that won the U.S. the West, and you have entered another space, a place where mind and spirit roams free. Here’s a little video series (shot with a flip cam) of the journey south, beginning my new hat riding the Texas highways.

Before you hit the “official border, some 80 miles north on Hwy 77 near Sarita or on Hwy 281 appraoching Falfurrias, your vehicle gets zapped via license plate reader and that’s when you know, you have left “el otro lado.”

Down in the Valley, I drove along old Military Highway, which more or less tracks the Rio Grande River, and there, in plain view Ladies and Gentlemen is the nation’s Border Wall.

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