Less Words_More Pictures

On certain walks I’m reminded of what I find so enchanting about New York City. Wandering through the remains of the old Garment, Flower and Flatiron District, I feel New York, actually feel the urban space within me. I begin to pay closer attention to my surroundings, the character of the streets seems to encourage enjoying the characters on the sidewalk. The Ecuadorian mover honks and yells, ‘you’re beautiful’. A young man peddling a bicycle makes the sign of the cross-twice-as he sets off to deliver some burgers. Ladies in skirts rush to lunch, boys in skinny jeans with spines shaped like a ? look aloof and cool… It’s curious how our space can change our mood, our expression of ourselves. The connection between self and space was much on my mind after some folks sent over these photos.

Gallery 409 in Brownsville hosted a guerrilla art exhibit at the Wall. Scott Nicol, a founder of the No Texas Border Wall Coalition generously shared some photos from the event. Thanks Scott!

Art on the Wall

David Fry, Rio Grande Valley native and Border Patrol agent turned documentary film maker sent over this incredible shot. Thanks David!

Sunset at the Wall

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