Texas Shoot and Research

In a few weeks we will be in the Valley (the Rio Grande Valley) doing some shooting and searching for and interviewing more affected landowners. Laura Varela, filmmaker, artist and my homegirl will be working the sound. Maribel Falcon, a spirited and very detail minded student with big dreams will be helping out with production. I have her to thank for pressuring me to even begin blogging, and adopting google docs.

If you’re from the Valley or know anyone down there that we should speak with, please drop a line. I have to admit I get a bit choked up every time I prepare for one of these trips. There’s a feeling of ‘coming home’ and fulfilling a duty that is so much bigger than me, un deber, if you will.

On a more academic note, UT-Austin and the Border Wall working group is hosting a conference on Border Walls. They will be addressing questions such as:

Do walls create more conflict than have the crises they seek to contain, as has been argued, with regard to the Israel/Palestine wall?  What happens when walls, once fortified and relied upon, are torn down?

Sadly, I can’t make it but Maribel will be there.  If you have a chance, introduce yourself and she’ll give you one of our beautiful postcards.

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