Texas Acknowledges Tejanos

Seeing as that we’re committed to the rescue of memory we thought it important to share the news that the long-awaited Tejano monument will soon rise on the  Capitol Grounds. Yes, there among the tribute to Texas children, the one honoring firefighters,  the oh-so-many Confederate soldiers, and the Texas cowboy (heirs of the vaqueros), Tejanos will have their space. It’s a damn shame it has taken this long for Texas to acknowledge Tejanos but the moment has come.

Last month the State Preservation Board unanimously approved the installation of the new monument. The monument is the result of vision on the part of South Texans including, in full disclosure, my primo Homero Vera and alot of private fund-raising and public funds from the Texas legislature. The monument includes a vaquero, a Spanish explorer and the Tejano family. Sadly it does not include representation of our indigenous ancestors. It’s a start though.

While we’re on the subject of vaqueros. I found this headline deck quite humorous: Why American rodeos are taking on a Latin flair. Rodeo is ro-day-oh, Spanish, it IS “Latin.”

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