Against Mexico featured on PBS Newshour

‘Against Mexico’ Documentary Explores Texas Secession Battle | PBS NewsHour Posted on Newshour May 2012 At first blush, a group reenactment of Texas’ 1836 battle to secede from Mexico has little to do with today’s political environment. But the notion of what it means to be an American is an issue that continues to stir […]

“Against Mexico_the making of heroes and enemies” on PBS has acquired Against Mexico-the making of heroes and enemies a short documentary film that I produced and directed. Against Mexico enters the world of historical reenactments of Texas’ ‘fight for freedom’ to explore the nexus of myth and history in creating images of heroes and enemies and its implication for who is entitled to […]

News and Upcoming Events

I had prepared a post to share some great news with you and then I remembered the news about the new curriculum recently approved by the Texas Board of Education. Evolution took a hit, as did separation of church and state, Civil Rights, and evidently, Latinos. As the NYTimes reported: Board member Mary Helen Berlanga […]